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10 European Must-Try Food and Drinks and Where to Find Them

Europe will always be on many travelers dream destinations for a lot of great reasons. The history, architecture, art, and culture are just some of the top reasons to go. Add authentic and traditional cuisines to the list and it would be hard to resist taking those dream European trips once city or more at a time. Here are some of the best European food and drinks you need to try and the best places to savor them.

Beer in Belgium
Belgian Beer in Bruges
Belgium has its own share of must-try foods like its famous Belgian waffles and moules-frites. But if you have to narrow it down to one thing, go for the beer. Beer drinking in the country, especially in cities like Bruges and Brussels can be a sublime experience. Choose from among the country’s great tasting brews – from popular brands to under-the-radar beer offerings. Cheers and enjoy!

Crepes in France
Paris crepes
With French cuisine being known as one of the best in the world, you might wonder why you have to try crepes from among the possible dishes to choose from. The simple answer is because the country does it best. From sweet to savory, you can have your pick of scrumptious crepes like Nutella or ham and cheese.

Currywurst in Germany
Leaving Germany without trying at least one of its many varieties of wurst or sausages would seem like a sacrilege. And currywurst is right on top of the must-try versions of sausages you can enjoy while in the country. If you are wondering just how popular currywurst is, just know that Berlin has a museum entirely devoted to it.

Full English Breakfast in England
English Breakfast
This dish lives up to its name – a filling meal consisting of meat like ham, beans, black pudding, and tomatoes. And that is just one version of it. Some may even have bacons, sausages, toast, and other treats that will leave you feeling full for a long time.

Goulash in Hungary
Hungarian goulash
Goulash or ‘gulyas” refers to a soup dish made with chunks of meat like beef, onions, paprika, green pepper, potatoes, and tomatoes. Unlike most stews from other countries with a thick consistency, Hungarian goulash is known for its clear and thin broth.

Köttbullar in Sweden
Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs) is a world-renowned dish made more famous by IKEA that serves it in its many stores worldwide. It is made with ingredients that include ground beef or pork, breadcrumbs, and onions.

Moussaka in Greece
Moussaka is a lasagna like dish made with meat, aubergine or eggplant, béchamel sauce, and onions.

Paella in Spain
Paella de marisco
Paella is a dish made with rice, meat, seafood, vegetables, and stock. It has many varieties like the paella Valenciana, paella de verduras (vegetarian), paella de marisco (seafood), paella mixta (mixed), and more.

Pizza in Italy
Neapolitan pizza
Italy is synonymous with glorious food. Picking just one food to try may be tough. But you cannot go wrong with Italian pizza, specifically Neapolitan pizza. If you get the chance to travel to Naples, make sure not to leave without sampling the city’s world-famous pizzas.

Stroopwafel in Netherlands
Herring may be the first food that comes to mind when you think of the Netherlands. But for sweet lovers, you simply have to try the country’s delightful gift to the world of snacks and desserts – the stroopwafel. The best way to enjoy it is do what the locals do, put one on top of our coffee cup or mug and let it warm. Bite, chew, and savor the tastes and textures of waffle mixed with gooey syrup for a sublime sweet experience.